The NEEDS Slip Inside This House, extrait de Almost Plays The 13 th Floor Elevators, Closer

IDLES Grounds extrait de Ultra mono, Partisan

HINT Sixed, extrait de Rareties Of The Two Centuries, Bruillance

BECCA MANCARI first Time, Captured Tracks

STANLEY BRINKS Without love, extrait de Plastic Kettle, Radbab

CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL Run Through The Jungle, extrait de Cosmo’s Factory

GUN CLUB Run Through The jungle, extrait de Miami

PRETTY THINGS I Can’t Be Satisfied, extrait de Bare As Done, Bright As blood

NANA ADJOA Cardboard Castle extrait de Big Dreaming Ants, Bloomer Rec

LOU REED Last great American Whale, extrait de New York