Le Retour du Jeudi

Mp3 2009 10 01 Le Retour Du Jeudi.

selection 45t folk rock 70

-upnadam – rainmaker
- melanie – mr tambourine man
--david mc neil – space plane
-damon – song of gypsy
-hotch potch – prelude
-white coffee – save me
-jethro tull – driving song
-the brother hood – reach out your hand
-ray dorset – tyme is now
-sky lark – the writing s on the wall
-the chambers brother – you got the power
-hot legs – intro – you didn t like it
-choc – the devil
-variation n3 – free me
-zephy -cross the river
-the petards – keep on
-chico – my sorrow
-small face – rollin over
-norman green baum – spirit in the sky
-country joe – rock et soul
-aphrodite s child – funky mary